Accelerating drug research and development by revolutionising animal experiments

Rodnetech aims to detect neurological and psychiatric side effects of a drug candidate molecule in preclinical studies more accurately than ever.


We believe pharmaceutical animal experiments haven’t reached their most efficient forms. Our mission is to make drug testing on animals significantly more time and cost effective. Our goal is to provide an innovative measuring and analysing service for the key actors of pharmaceutical research and drog development, hence it is important to offer solutions which are approved by internationally acknowledged and used guidelines and standards.

What we do

We offer our innovation called Rodentech, a data analytics system, consisting of an implantable device, a framework and the related software analytics tool for observing and analysing the behavioural data of experimental animals in the preclinical phase of drug development. Our invention is a novel, unique solution, that at low cost, can detect neurological and psychiatric side effects of a drug candidate molecule more accurately than current methods in preclinical studies.

Our product:


Detects behavioural side effects automaticallx


Accurate, with the help of data analysis


Allows 24/7 monitoring without human supervision


Constantly monitors during experimental animals’ life spans

Why choose us

Continuous operation

The implant is powered by wireless radio frequency. It is possible to monitor the experimental animals constantly and during their life spans

Absence of human observer

The automatization of the system allows Rodentech to the eliminate the human observer from the process of experiments

More accurate procedures

The implants are able to measure different parameters of behaviour of the experimental animals which allows us to define the side effects of drug candidates more precisely and with a low percentage of errors

Experimental animals in their own habitat

Rodentech’s technology makes it possible to monitor test animals simultaneously in their own living space with their companions present for the first time

GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) validated

Rodentect ensures the uniformity, consistency, reliability, reproducibility, quality, and integrity of chemical non-clinical safety tests


With reduced size implants, 24-hours, continuous monitoring, implementation and monitoring without human supervision features, Rodentech ensures a highly cost-effective solution for drug developing companies

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